The Path of Laddership and Living in the Gift

Don't Climb the Rungs, Become the Rungs

or How Giants Got Such Stable Shoulders

This August, I shifted my work into the realm of gift and set foot on the Path of Laddership. I’ll be sharing a series here of writings inspired and prompted by the Laddership Pod. This is a bit of preamble for context.

For many years, I have felt that putting a price on my work would cheapen it. That conviction has not weakened, despite the hardship and poverty it has wrought in my life. Instead, at long last I am beginning to discover the trail under the brambles and brush that leads out of these dark woods. Charles Eisenstein’s Living in the Gift course through the New and Ancient Story Community shone like a beacon of hope, just as I was faced yet again with the impossible task of pricing my expertise. Applying the course to my life, I am encouraged and heartened, feeling, for the first time in my life, free to create what my heart sings about. Some days living in the Gift feels a bit like chasing a rainbow, and other days it feels like homecoming as my ambition returns, and with it the courage to claim my work and share it widely.

That beacon of hope (I now see thanks to the Laddership Pod) was necessary to dispel the fear I was holding around the value of my work (or lack thereof). But without that fear, the need for hope will disappear. These days I aspire to hopelessness and fearlessness above all else.

It feels great to return here to Atmanaut after a stretch writing in other contexts and for other projects. Last December I spun up Easeness, which is the most earnest attempt I have yet made to Productize Myself as Naval Ravikant advises. That process is incomplete and will be broadened as I figure out what goes on In the month of January, I conceived and built the Nameless oracle. And following that, I began to organize and publish the notes and writings that live in my second brain as a WTF commonplace digital garden over here.

All that is to say, I’ve been too busy. And this is a place of calm and solace, where I feel at ease. I am glad to return. I hope you enjoy the forthcoming Laddership series as much as I have enjoyed writing them.