Laddership, Day 1

The Spectrum of Emotion

From Fear to Love

Who do we have to be to face fear with love?

How might we love our fears away?

To choose love over fear, it helps if I have recently enjoyed deep sleep, nourishing food, a bath, a hug, or a deep breath. If nothing else, a deep breath and a moment of pause can allow me to dip into the well of being foaming with love at heart center. Whereas a lack of breath, sleep, nourishment, water, or hugs is almost sure to bias me toward fear. Remembering this humble truth in the presence of one who is fearful is itself a condition that inspires me to choose love over fear.

How might we live without fear?

Arun Dada teaches us that this grace of fearlessness, it only awakens when no one else is afraid of you. It is not enough to face all of my fears and love them away. I must also love away any fears I evoke in others, for they are my fears too as I come to include the Other in the Self.

The main work that we have to do is to dissolve the ego. If this much is what we can do sitting over here, then the result is going to be huge.

Without an ego, who am I?

The answer is the same. I am the answer. It is important to know the question and to continue to ask it, whenever disturbing thoughts arise, whenever fear pools up. All of nature knows the bliss of self-enquiry. Why else would birds sing?

When people asked Vinoba about marketing his ideas, he would confidently say, “The winds carry this message, the bird chirp this song, the rain spread this love.”