dreaming of awakening as an adult human animal
in need of the cool side of the pillow

inhaling a long, still morning
pleasant dog breath
boundless potential

vibrating every cell of our body
two cookie-cutter-perfect spoons
paused in bliss, tiny timeless death
no me, just us, no breath

finding the strength to lift, hold, carry, let go, be still
ānandasana, a comfortable seat, a bidet
smiling while pooping

sharing a garden that vomits vege
tables with neighbors
who meet our weary smize
sharing a cookie-batter-covered spoon

slipping into flip-flops that fit like gloves
slipping into a high-strung hammock in the setting sun
spending an hour with a brush-tip archival ink pen and a pad
spending a span of spontaneous solitude on the universe

peeling off the scab
daring to care
planting a new friend
watering a lover
digging in the, rolling in the, burying yourself in the
diving headlong into the waves
walking day-long into the woods
dining by campfirelight

conscious, artisanal blinking
glassy mountain lake mind